Four Centuries of Solo Mandolin Music

In 1988, I edited the collection, Three Centuries of Solo Mandolin Music for Plucked String Editions. It contained 19 pieces, including 3 arrangements, and the first publication of 5 contemporary works. This revised and expanded edition includes 65 ORIGINAL mandolin compositions. I removed all of the arrangements and the contemporary pieces that I did not have the rights to, and added more original music from both the past and present. I regarded the earlier book as just a sampler of the mandolin repertoire, but while I was selecting pieces for this book, I decided that a few samples were not enough when so much of the repertoire was unavailable, and decided to expand it into a primary source. Only 9 pieces from the earlier edition are in this book, but there are 3 additional pieces that had been published separately: 2 more sets of variations by Leone, and Storm at Sea, by Aubrey Stauffer.

Composers new to this edition are Constantino Bertucci,  George King, Raffaele Calace, George Muder,  Will D. Moyer, Herbert Forrest Odell, Stellario Cambria, Leopoldo Francia, Luigi Paparello, William Place, Jr.,  J.Robert Morris, Bernardo de Pace, Demetrius C. Dounis,  Carlo de Fillippis, Elizabeth Vercoe,
Victor Kioulaphides,  Benjamin R. Fuhrman, and myself. My longer compositions are published separately, but I had a number of short pieces that were not yet published, including my most recent mandolin solo, Variations on Arkansas Traveler (2014), which is also the most recent piece in the collection. Composers are in order of birth year, from earliest to most recent, and I tried to include pieces at a variety of difficulty levels. Some of the pieces are unreasonably difficult, but of great historical interest. Much of the book is of medium difficulty, but I also included a few less difficult pieces.

I tried to find the best original sources that I could, but some of the copies had a lot of imperfections. For those pieces, I spent up to 2 hours per page cleaning them up in PhotoShop at the subatomic level, to provide a clean copy for players to read from. The last big change since the first edition is the binding. The earlier edition was only 66 pages, and with the saddle stitched binding, it would not lay flat on a music stand and was awkward to perform from This volume contains150 pages and has a metal spiral binding, which is more expensive, but makes the volume much more user-friendly for performers.

To simplify ordering, I have been charging a flat rate for postage, which will generally cover two short scores or one medium sized score. If someone ordered three or more, it did not quite cover the postage, but I considered it to be a discount for making a large order. This book weighs more than all of my other publications put together (just short of a pound!), so the additional shipping cost is built into the list price.

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Sample Page
Gabriele Leone                       
De Samodeste Mere

Est il destin plus doux

La Chasse de L'isle Adam

L'avez vous vu mon bien aime

Antoine Riggiere La Fustemberg

Constantino Bertucci (1841-1931)
Falso Amore

Misteri della Vita

Danza del Diavolo

Souvenir de Maschar                 

La Bergere

George King
Selections from King's Original Music (1877)
Merrily Over The Lee
Eden Polka
Sunrise Polka
Mountain Polka

Carlo Munier (1852-1912)
Love Song, Op. 285 (1902)

Vincent Leon (1860- 19??) Leon's Caprice Waltz (1902)

Preghierra (Organ Imitation) (1896)

Raffaele Calace (1863-1934) Preludio II, Op. 49

George Muder  (1864-1936)
The Enchantress (1906)

Will D. Moyer (1872-1939)                            
The American Ideals March (1905)
Marjorie - Concert Waltz (1906)

Herbert Forrest Odell (1872-1926)
Radiance (1918)

Valentine Abt (1873-1942) Home Sweet Home (1895)        
Impromptu (1897)
Fantasia (1898)
Goldenrod (1899)
In Venice Waters (1903)
The Piper

Giuseppe Pettine (1874-1966)
Barcarola (1901)            
Elegia (1902)
My Old Kentucky Home, Caprice
Murmering Brook, Op.2  No.8 (1903)

Stellario Cambria (1874-1938)
Wild Daisy (1912)
Ame Voligeuse (1913)
Bleeding Heart (1917)
Valse de Musette (1925)

Samuel Siegel (1875-1948) Caprice de Concert (1900)

Hawaiian Frolic (1917)

Leopoldo Francia (1875-1918) 3 Pieces for Mandoline Solo (1899)   
No. 1. Impromptu
No. 2. Reverie
No. 3. Mazurka

Andante. Hungarian Style (1901)

Sonata in D (1901)

Aubrey Stauffer (1876-1952)                           
Storm at Sea (1902)
D Concerto (1902)
The Cowboy and the Lady (1904)

Luigi Paparello (1884-1979)
Bells of Night (1918)

William Place, Jr. (1886-1959) Romanza in D Minor (1910)

J.Robert Morris
The Celestial Chord (1904)
Fantasy (1904)

Bernardo de Pace (1886-1966)                           
Triste (1946)
Mandolinata Sinfonica (1946)
Dream Valse (1946)

Demetrius C. Dounis (1886-1954)
Reve Oriental (1912)

Carlo de Fillippis (1890-1966)
Souvenir (1940)

Elizabeth Vercoe (b. 1941)

Electric Bebop (1987) (for electric mandolin)

Gladd, Neil (b.1955)
Lullabye (1978)

Etude (1980)

Prelude No.1 in G minor (1999)

Threnody (2001)

Variations on Arkansas Traveler (2014)

Victor Kioulaphides (b. 1961)
Differencias (2002)
de Grote Markt  (2005)

Benjamin R. Fuhrman (b. 1982)
Prelude (2006)

Some of the original sources: