NGP 1005 Neil Gladd: Partita a Dodici Toni
Neil Gladd
Partita a Dodici Toni (1982)

for Solo Mandolin or Violin

My Partita a Dodici Toni is modeled after the solo violin Partitas of Bach, and would best be described as "Baroque 12-tone music in C with blue notes."  Although it was composed on the mandolin, it is also playable on the violin, since I limited the techniques required to the areas where mandolin and violin technique overlap.  All of the movements are in Baroque binary form, and use tradition dance rhythms:

Minuetto I e II

I gave the first performance on November 18, 1982 at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC. The Partita was previously published by Plucked String Editions in 1984 as PSE 012 and recorded on the LP, "The Solo Mandolin: Baroque to Modern." The music and program notes have both been reedited in this edition.

Catalog # NGP 1005
Price: $6.00

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