NGP 2007 Neil Gladd: Carousel Waltz, for mandolin and guitar
Neil Gladd

Carousel Waltz (2002) [Mand, Gtr] 1"15"

This piece was my first foray into "film music," although the short film it was written for was never made. It was to be about a couple that goes to the beach on holiday, but it rains the entire time, so they are shut up in a room together, getting on each other's nerves. I was asked for "A Coney Island feeling, but a little off kilter," so I wrote a carousel waltz. It was originally composed  for the reed organ, but since I never perform on the organ, I later arranged it for mandolin and guitar. The first performance was given on June 2, 2002 at the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church, with guitarist Steve Smith.

Catalog # NGP 2007
ISMN 979-0-800030-11-6
Price: $2.50 (pdf edition)

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