NGP 2009 George King: Yankee Gallop, for 2 Mandolins
George King

Yankee Gallop (1877) [2 Violins or Mandolins]  2'25"

The first violin/mandolin part of this duet is from a book of solo pieces,
King's Original Music for the Violin or Mandolin, published in 1877. It is the earliest music published for the mandolin in the United States that I am aware of. King was most likely Black, as one of the pieces in the book is Emancipation Overture, and there are two Jubas. I thought that this piece would sound more musically complete as a duet, so I wrote a second violin/mandolin part for it in 2007, but tried not to venture too far from the style of the original piece,

Catalog # NGP 2009
ISMN 979-0-800030-13-0
Price: $2.50 (pdf edition)

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