The Romantic Mandolin
30 Pieces for Mandolin and Piano

The vast majority of the mandolin's published repertoire was printed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, yet this music is the least well represented in modern editions. The works of a few composers, such and Raffaele Calace and Carlo Munier, have remained available, so for this collection I have chosen only works that have been out of print since their original publication.  All are original compositions for mandolin, although some were also available in other versions.  Most are of only moderate difficulty, a few are fairly easy and some are for professionals, only. In most cases, I have cleaned up and reprinted the original editions, but for several it was necesary to noteset a new edition.

This work is still in preparation, but I am providing a sample page of each piece as they are completed. Those pieces being noteset in Sibelius will be posted as Scorch files, so you will be able to see and hear the entire piece!

Abt, Valentine (1873-1942) Annie Laurie, Variations (1900)
Mand, p.1

The Brooklet (1901)

Valse Brillante (1896) Pno, p.2
Calace, Nicola Maria (18-1914)
Le Reviendrai

Cambria, Stellaria
I Contadini in Festa, Tarantella di Concerto (1921)
Pno, p.1
Curatoli, Alfredo
Serenata Pno, p.1
Curti, Carlos

Marchisio, G. B. (1865-19__) A La  Conquete (1896)

Mascheroni, Angelo (1856-1905)
Bolero (1896)
Pno, p.1

Melodie Sclav (1896)
Pno, p.1

Le Reve de la Reine (1895)

Tarantella (1894)

Mezzacapo, Eduoardo (18__-1942)

Abandon (1901) Pno, p.1

L'Adieu (1901)

Andante and Polonaise (1900) Pno, p.1


Serment D'Amour (1900)
Monti, Vittorio (1868-1922)
Aubade a Colombine (1899) Pno, p.1

Petite Marquise!
Pno, p.1

Serenade Barcarolle
Pno, p.1

Vision Champetre
Pno, p.1
Oke, Hubert G.
Romanza (1897)
Pno, p.1

Valse Caprice (1897)
Pno, p.1
Siegel, Samuel (1875-1948)
An Autumn Evening. Serenade (1901)

The Boston Ideal

Witches Dance (1900)

Weeks, Seth S. (ca.1866-after 1924)
Grand Concert Polka  (1900) Pno, p.1

Laburnum Gavotte

Polka Caprice